Friday, July 28, 2017

Everyday People - I Love Them

When I'm out taking pictures I've usually got a song going round and round in my head. Lately I've had the music of Sly & the Family Stone looping in my head like an old 8 track tape player - it's wonderful! So, with "Everyday People" as the background for my photo excursion here we go!

For me there's nothing everyday about everyday people - we're all special.

Sometimes I just sit in one place and watch the world go by.

I'm watching you, you're watching me.

Kids make the world a better place.

Everyday people are full of expression.

Looks like somebody needs a little boost.

The park bench was created with the everyday people in mind.

Couples are good.

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
-- Bill Withers

I'm seeing red!

Walking and thinking, thinking and walking.

Everyday people have things on their mind.

A man with good posture will go far in life.

Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I'm in
I am everyday people, yeah yeah
-- Sly Stone

Get me to the church on time!

Classy mother

I'll meet you at the Gourmand,
We'll eat, we'll talk
We'll enjoy the experience
It'll be fun

I've been walkin' these streets so long
Singin' the same old song
I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway
-- Larry Weiss

Some days are better than others.

Some people were meant to be together
Some people were meant to fall in love

Another rough day at the office.

It's all in the eyes.

Heading to the market...

...need to buy some vegetables for a summer salad.

Baby, it's hot out here!

Yea, it's real hot out here!

The hedge fund manager.

The Mother and Daughter bond of love.

The cool summer dress.

A happy couple

The streets are full of beautiful people

The dude.

Yokohama is the real city of love.

The bride wore flip-flops to the wedding; that's what makes everyday people so special.

Strike a pose and I'll take your picture.

The runner!

Now for a high speed run through the streets of China Town.

Shopping makes me happy!

I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do
You love me you hate me you know me and then
You can't figure out the bag I'm in
-- Sly Stone

Three Amigos

It's good to get out and do something.

This is my favorite coffee shop.

Cafe Veloce Yokohama - Clean, comfortable, inexpensive, and darn good coffee too!

Contemplation - deep reflective thought.

Last shot of the day:
Say a prayer, make a wish, hope for the best
It's everyday people that make my world go round

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Destination - Yugawara!

This time we set our sights closer to home. Yugawara is a great little hot spring resort town situated between the much more popular resorts of Hakone and Atami. Yugawara is only a few short hours away from our home by train making the transportation cost of this trip much cheaper than most of our trips. So, off we went to discover Yugawara!

Just outside the train station I was encouraged by this trail marker. Obviously there is a lot to see and do here.

Per the sign Emi pours water into a ceramic jug to create a unique sound.

A small lily pond.

A river runs through the length of the town.

Typical shrine stuff.

On our second day we decided to follow the river and see what we would see.

It didn't take long for most of civilization to fade away.

Hydrangea were still blooming.

The red mark on this old structure is the Onsen (hot spring) mark.

The river keeps trickling along and so do we.

According to our walking map this is the beginning of a nature walk. Two porta-potties are conveniently available for the fools who decide to take the walk. And, we were two such fools.

The walk hike was all up hill. The humidity was horrible. The trail was rugged. It was hell!

In the middle of the trail was a shrine.

There are no roads to this shrine, only the hiking trail.


We took advantage of the fresh running water available at this shrine to drink up and refill our water bottles.

The only reason I'm smiling is because Emi told me to smile.

As we continued to hike the trail we eventually arrived at this water fall.

I was drenched in sweat. My legs were tired. But, somehow the sight of this water fall put a smile on my face and some spring in my step.

After two hours of stumbling along the all-up-hill hell trail we finally reached the end of the so called nature walk.

Then we discovered that we were in the middle of nowhere. We followed the road in the down hill direction in hopes of finding a bus stop.

Hallelujah! After a half hour of walking we found a bus stop.

Only 3 stops a day!!! We were in luck, we only had to wait 10 minutes for the 12:02 stop.

The bus stop was located on a big hairpin curve that appeared to be popular with sports car and motor cycle drivers.

Thank God! The bus has arrived.

It was a 13 kilometer trip from the top of the mountain to the Yugawara train station. And, of course I celebrated our survival of the ordeal with an ice cold beer. It was sooooo delicious.

We also had a late lunch - ramen!

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at this shrine to give thanks for our safe return to civilization.

Schools out! Kids were pouring out of the local elementary school as we passed by.

In the same way that we had started our day we followed the river. Only this time we followed it to our hotel where we enjoyed the afternoon soaking in a fantastic hot spring bath.

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A couple of extras.