Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday in the Parks - It's Paradise!

It was a beautiful Saturday (May 20, 2017) and I had no intentions of hanging around the house all day. However, I also had no intentions of spending a lot of money or traveling a long distance, so, I packed a lunch and hopped the train to good old Yokohama.

First I went to Yokohama Park.

These lilies are incredible!

The stamens look like they've been coated in finely ground rich dark coffee bean powder.

Moving on - It's just a matter of time before the finger pointing starts. With three it's always going to be two against one.

In front of the Yokohama Port Post Office I noticed that this dog had a tennis ball clutched in his mouth like it was the most valuable thing on Earth.

A rose blooms behind the Yokohama Historical Archive building.

When I said it was a beautiful day I meant it. The weather is perfect.

The view from Osanbashi pier.

This is the kind of day that people dream about. Especially a grandfather and his granddaughter.

Spring is the season for couples.

Next - the rose garden in Yamashita park.

Girl meets white roses.

Taking a closer look at the beauty of the rose.

Then, a closer look at whatever kind of flower this is.

The garden is comfortably crowded today. Everyone is smiling, there is happiness in the air.

The good old Hikawa Maru steam ship in the background.

The lady in red!

Another lady in red!

The upper level of Yamashita park is a good place for a young boy to play Indian Jones and the Temple of Park Water Fountain Doom.

It's a reasonably short walk from Yamashita park to the Harbour View Park on the bluff above Motomachi. The Harbour View park has (in my opinion) the best flower garden of all the parks. Although, it is a very close call to make.

A mother and daughter outing.

The spotter - pointing out the shots for the photographer.

Mr. GQ with his sun glasses, double breasted vest, t-shirt and ratty jeans. Looking good!

If the theory of evolution holds true, man will eventually be born with one arm longer than the other to facilitate better selfie picture taking.

Last shot of the day: Every picture tells a story.
All images taken with a Sigma Sd Quattro camera and a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

I'm Just A Lucky So and So

Song writers Mack David and Duke Ellington have got it right with their song "I'm Just A Lucky So and So". The song's lyrics describe how I feel when I'm out and about walking with my camera in hand.

"As I walk down the street
Seems everyone I meet
Gives me a friendly hello
I guess I'm just a lucky so and so"

Throughout this post I'll drop more lines from the song.

One thing about spring in Japan is that there is an explosion of flowers.

The streets of Yokohama are lined with blooming roses.

Azaleas are flourishing on every corner.

We've got flowers by the box load.

No flowers to see here... moving on.

The birds in every tree
Are all so neighborly
They sing wherever I go
I guess I'm just a lucky so and so

There are also nice people on every corner of the town.

They might not always look friendly but if you smile and say hello to a stranger they'll most certainly smile back and respond with a greeting.

 Warm day, nice dress.

One is never far away from a cozy place to rest.

A lovely day on the water front.

If you should ask me the amount
In my bank account
I'd have to confess that I'm slippin'
But that don't worry me, confidentially
I've got a dream that's a pippin'

People are so nice around here they even converse with the pigeons "coo, coo".

A four photo story:
(1) Girl sees poppies, takes out iPhone to snap picture.

(2) Girl decides she needs to move in for a closer shot.

(3) Girl's friend decides to get in the act and snap some pictures too.

(4) Both girls have moved on.
End of story.

 Time for a coffee break at my favorite cafe. This cafe is popular with all age groups.

No age discrimination here.

And when the day is through
Each night I hurry to
A home where love waits, I know
I guess I'm just a lucky so and so

Passing through the bamboo gates in Yokohama park.

"You know I've heard it said there's beauty in distortion"
--Edgar Winter

I agree.

Riding the train home with a bunch of lucky but tired so and sos

Day two: The flowers are taking over!

It's a jungle out here!

Wow! I was looking through the camera trying to compose a picture when a woman in a business suit ran in front of me setting a new Olympic record in the 50 yard high-heel dash. Never underestimate the abilities of a woman in heels to get where she needs to go and be on time.

The only thing missing from this couple's selfie stick is a carrot dangling from the end of it.

It's another beautiful day in paradise.

A fellow photographer getting serious in the Yamashita park flower garden.

The historical Hotel New Grand in the background.

There sure are a lot of young ladies out here today.

Of course who wouldn't want to be out here in the park on a day like today.

On the grounds around Zou-No-Hana, the birth place of the port of Yokohama.

There are flowers from corner to corner.

The original train line that connected the waterfront shipping piers with Yokohama train station ran through this small park.

Back to the mean streets of Hinodecho; we're just in front of the train station and it's time for this Lucky So and So to go home for the day!

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