Thursday, December 8, 2016

Autumn From a 50mm Lens Perspective

Wondering around Yokohama taking in the beautiful scenery of autumn with my Sony A7II camera and a variety of 50mm lenses. I get a feeling of divine contentment just drifting around, putting one foot in front of the other looking for something of interest to photograph.

Mother nature never gets old.

Some people just have to be the center of attention and will do anything to get an audience. What is not shone because of the crowd is that he's also on a unicycle.

The autumn leaves twist in the wind and eventually fall to the ground.

The simple pleasure of sitting on a park bench and watching the world go by.

A visit to Yokohama park. The park is small but filled with a variety of nice trees.

If I had the talent to paint this is the sort of thing I would paint.

Life goes on.

The boulevard of gold is a world in itself.

Passing through is a shared experience. We look at the trees, we look at each other; strangers become friends without speaking a word, joined by the beauty of mother nature.

 Some people wonder why I spend so much time in Yokohama. When I walk down these avenues I wonder why anyone wouldn't want to spend a lot of time here.

"Love is touch, touch is love"
-- John Lennon

There is a heart shaped puddle in Yamashita park.

Crossing the finish line over and over again. Such is the life of the runner.

Runners are everywhere; they press on regardless of life's unintended interferences.

Another day, another tree.

Back in Yokohama Park for a touch of red color.

I believe that this is a Chinese maple tree, but I could be wrong.

There is a small pond in the park occupied by turtles and ducks.

Pigeons hovering on a tree branch waiting for someone to toss some bread crumbs.

By the end of the week these yellow leaves will be gone. That's how things work around here.

The wait is over for the pigeons; the bread crumb lady has arrived.

With her work done she quietly moves on leaving her winged friends in a feeding frenzy.

A parting shot before moving on myself.

Nihon Odori has been blocked off for a soap box derby race.

Go speed racer, go!

I thought that kids were supposed to make their own race cars. This is more like the Le Mans Grand Prix of soap box racing.

It's all about gravety and friction.

Kids will be kids - thank goodness.

The statue honoring the humble newspaper delivery boy.

When the window is more interesting than the view, take a picture of the window.

On the waterfront.

The waters are calm today.

Time for a selfie in the park.

The pair look. Couples that dress in identical clothes. Often complimented, rarely emulated.  So much for the pair look.

The bird man of Yamashita park.

Time to get on the train and head home for the day.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

From a Flea Market to a Boulevard of Gold

Returning to Yokohama this week for a visit to the Odori Koen Flea Market and then a walk amongst the golden yellow ginkgo nut trees.

We pass by some of the most interesting people on our way to the Flea Market.

Some people look more interesting than others.

We have arrived at the Odori Koen (Odori Park) Flea Market.

Amongst all this junk fascinating stuff  there may be something of great value being sold for only 100 yen. Once my wife bought a tea cup worth 10,000 yen for only 100 yen.

There are shoppers like her that dive into the goods looking for a bargin, and there are observers with a camera like me that stand on the edges.

Watches, rings and bracelets; oh my!

This charming lady was selling her own hand made jewelry.

There is no age limit for shopping at the flea market.

From grand fathers to grand children, everyone gathers here to see what's for sale.

I suspect that some people are just passing through the park to get to the other side.

It's good to shop with a bit of a poker face. Don't want to tip your hand when you find that diamond in the ruff.

Shopping at a flea market is the ultimate cheap date.

A fashion trail blazer is looking for an upgrade to his wardrobe here at the flea market!

After departing Odori Koen we pass through Yokohama park on our way to Nihon Odori where we'll be viewing the Ginkgo nut trees.

We have arrived at the Boulevard of gold! Officially named Nihon Odori.

The nice wide sidewalks are covered in gold leaf.

Purple hair, gold trees, the ultimate LA Lakers tribute.

It's like walking in a wonderland.

Time to leave Nihon Odori and head over to Yamashita Dori.

Yamashita Dori is the street that runs parallel to Yamashita park.

I should come back here at night when the gas lights illuminate the trees.

The Yokohama Marine Tower framed in gold.

Kids running to the park.

An elevated view of Yamashita Dori.

I'm not the only guy with a camera out here.

Solid gold from one end of the street to the other.

Another cheap date idea. "come on honey, lets go walk along Yamashita Dori, it'll be so romantic and cheap

The New Grand Hotel on the other side of the street.

Close up of a gas light.

It's only a short jog from Yamashita Park to the Motomachi shopping street.

When things go on sale the shoppers come running.

Out of Motomachi and into China Town.

A couple of girls sharing a bowl of fresh cut mangoes on ice cream. Very delicious!

As the sun goes down and the temperature starts to drop it's time to go home for the day.

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