Thursday, October 13, 2016

More time with the Sd Quattro

The past week I've been shooting exclusively with my Sigma Sd Quattro camera and Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens. I started out on a beautiful morning walking along the Ookagawa river.

The weather and lighting was perfect for capturing this mirror like reflection in the river.

Then a paddle boarder came gliding through the reflection and, well, as they say "when in doubt, just keep shooting".

The day was getting better and better as I walked toward the waterfront.  

It was like a beach scene without sand.

The Ferris wheel to the stars.

I'm a bit queasy  when it comes to heights so I don't think I'll be riding this wheel anytime soon.

Much better to stay lower to the ground here at Aka-renga-soko.

The blue sky and wispy white clouds made for a postcard like scene.

The Sigma 35mm Art lens is not disappointing me at all.

Just proves the old adage "f8 and be there".

Normally this area is crawling with people.

A view to enjoy.

On the board walk of Osanbashi pier.

Last shot of this day: there goes the bus!

This day was grey and gloomy. No problem this flock of Lamborghinis is brightening things up.

Is she taking a picture of me or the sports car?

This female motor cycle cop was on the scene and made this child's dream come true.

Some kids never grow up; and that's not bad at all.

Grey clouds over the bay bridge.

And, things are getting a lot grayer very quickly.

Another mother doing her part to populate Japan.

And, a man alone in the world.

They're not alone.

Yokohama, even on a gloomy day it looks great!

Walking through Kannai these red lanterns caught my eye.

Seems like the simplest things look interesting to me. Probably only to me.

Even light bulbs look interesting.

Yes, it's the obligatory train station picture.

 She could sense somebody was behind her.

The 35mm lens does pretty good at shallow depth of field.

Friends in the flower garden.

Last shot of the final day of shooting with this rig. I'll call it "The End".

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

People are Everywhere!

I like people, they make the world go round. As a photography enthusiast I like to take candid pictures of ordinary people out and about doing their thing. So, off we go on the people walk-about.

Who's out there?

Some times people notice me taking their picture.

Don't let the bicycle fool you, she's armed and dangerous.

Walking to the office on the boulevard of dreams.

The man has talent!

Sipping white wine in the middle of the day.

The runners come...

And, the runners go.

Partners for life.

Walking in the green zone.

Are you looking at me?

Have bike, will text.

I know what she's thinking: "why is that guy sitting on the ground with a camera pressed to his face".

Inside the coffee shop where conversations can get serious.

The nurse is on a break getting a coffee to go.

Getting a cup to help perk up her day.

Coffee break is over. The bus is a great way to get around. No need to worry about parking, just get on and get off - done!

One meets the nicest people on Osanbashi pier.

A sailing ship is in port.

A gentleman and his lady out for a stroll.

See the sights for 100 yen.

And, what sights we'll see!

Ah, she's so sweet!

I love people and I love nature too!

Passing through the park.

The fall blooming.

Okay, back to people. Friends sharing a laugh.

This guy was having a one man party.

iPhone at the ready.

This photographer has a spotter assisting him.

His mother taught him to cover his mouth when he yawns.

A fellow shopper in the sweets shop.

The confectioner is ready to do business.

The problem with playing the ponies is that you don't always win.

Waiting for the train.

Last shot of the day: what the rich people do while I'm taking pictures!

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