Sunday, January 14, 2018

Osanbashi - A Pier With A View

Here I am starting a new year of blogs and what do I do... I take pictures of and around Osanbashi.
Osanbashi web page
Osanbashi is the pier where the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal resides. And, it's a must see place for visitors and long time residents as well. Let's go!

To get to Osanbashi I had to walk along the Ookagawa river. The water was so calm that it was like a mirror reflecting the images of the buildings.

There's a healthy population of seagulls hanging out along the river.

More reflections.

Passing by a well dressed man with a nice hat.

This kind lady was herding school children. They were heading to Osanbashi too.

Getting closer. It certainly is a beautiful day for this.

Walking past Zou-no-hana (elephant's trunk) where one has a beautiful view of the city skyline.
Read more about Zou-no-hana here: Ambassadors-Japan

We have arrived at Osanbashi. The pier is completely covered with teak wood and a few patches of green grass. No admission fee, open everyday.

Like I said "a pier with a view".

On very clear days one can see Mt Fuji. I fear that soon the view will be blocked by a new building currently under construction.

There's a Coast Guard base across the way from the pier.

There's also a view of the Red Brick Warehouse area.

I think I was being viewed with suspicion.

Normally there are large cruise ships but today there's a small ship moored here.

A shot across the bow.

Osanbashi is a couples dating destination.

Standing at the end of the pier looking back at the city. The harsh winter sunlight is in my eyes from this direction.

A couple having a special moment. Even their shadows look special.

Facing toward the Yokohama Bay bridge.

And, from the front of the pier looking toward the other end.

The road that leads to the pier.

And lastly, the entrance to the passenger terminal.

Okay, so much for the Osanbashi pier. Time to explore other parts of Yokohama.

So, off we go to the Harbor View Park where we'll visit the British House.

The British House was built in 1937 as the British consular residence. The building was designed by the Shanghai branch of the British Office of Works. The British House Yokohama is now part of the Rose Garden of Minato-no-mieru-oka Park. The roses draw many tourists when they bloom from April to June and again from October to November. 
It's nice to feel welcome here.

Poking around the kitchen pantry.

Checking out the dining room. Looks like they knew I was coming.

Very nice.

Check out these small details

The British House is great but now I'm back amongst the general population.

Passing through the flea market in Ododrikoen.

Japan may have an aging society but I can tell one this - they ain't sitting around the house waiting to die.

The senior citizens are out and about enjoying life.

Hey, the good news is that not everyone is old. There are a few young ones too! 

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bon Voyage to 2017 - Hello 2018

Over the holiday season I took a variety of pictures of people and places around the Yokohama area and to close out last year and start the new year I'm dumping all of them here!

New years resolution - less time with the phone, more time with enjoying life.

Get out in the fresh air and walk, walk everywhere!

Speaking of bon voyage...

The Peace Boat was back in town and I happened to be at Osanbashi pier when it departed.

Having spent many years on ships I'm happy to be with the people on the pier saying goodbye to the people on the Peace Boat.

Is she here to wish a friend farewell or maybe good riddance - we'll never know.

Lots of good feelings on the pier.

The Peace Boat readies to depart.

The streamers are flying.

Holding on to a loved one 'til the last minute.

The horn blasts as the ship begins to move away from the pier.

Some laugh, some cry, some hide their emotions.

Watching the ships roll in
And then I watch them roll away again
--Steve Cropper, Otis Redding

The Kodak moment.

And, the last farewell.

Now she's gotta get turned around.

Luckily there's a tug boat to help get her pointed in the right direction.

Nobody leaves until the ship's gone - that's the way it works around here.

The tug has her where she needs to be and soon she'll be headed out of the harbor, destination Hokkaido!

Heading back into town, time to move on.

Yokohama is a great place to be and we're all damn glad to be here.

Another day, another bunch of people and places to see.

Do you wanna have some fun? There's a place I know where everyone has fun!

The ice skating rink!

Safety helmet - good idea.

Young and old, everyone enjoys ice skating.

Okay, enough of the rink. Back out on Osanbashi pier.

I think word's out that this is a great place for a cheap date.

It's also a great place to take the kids.

Some kids are more grown up than others.

Hey! From the end of the pier we can see Mt. Fuji today!

Another guy that didn't get the memo on the New Year resolution to put the phone away.

Baby it's cold out here and it seems that nobody cares.

Just bundle up and keep moving.

Life goes on.

A couple of faces ready for a smile.

He thinks love is wonderful; little does he know that the man training has just begun and she's the instructor.

Button up that overcoat; there's a chill in the air.

We're starting the New Year in style with a ride at Sea Paradise Amusement Park.

A view to the New Year and as always...

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!