Sunday, August 21, 2016

Checking out the new Sigma Sd Quattro camera

The title of this post should be "goofing off with the new Sigma Sd Quattro camera". With the high heat, rain, and occasional typhoon passing by it was hard to get out and get serious with my new Sd Quattro camera. But, I don't want to make excuses; this post is a collection of pictures I took last week strictly with the Sd-Q and the Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens (52mm equivalent on the Sd-Q's crop sensor) and set to ISO 100. And now, with the tech talk over let's look at some images!

The cotton roses are starting to bloom.

This is a flower bed just outside the entrance to the Nogeyama zoo. I went there last Monday only to find out that it's the only day of the week that they're closed.

Descending Nogeyama (Noge Hill) and heading toward the town.

Passing over the Ookagawa river and I'm starting to feel hungry.

The best thing about a restaurant with a drink bar is that I can have hot coffee and ice tea at the same time.

Pampas grass! It makes good cover for photographers to hide behind.

Everyone's got something on their mind.

When it comes to flowers I'm partial to the yellow ones.

I went back to the Nogeyama zoo later in the week and noticed this little guy in the reptile pavilion.

Need a little air to breath.

I think the Nogeyama zoo is to small to keep a tiger. However, this tiger is very popular with the children. While I was taking his picture the children next to me were excitedly calling him "Tiger-san".  I think Tiger-san was thinking what he would do with a few minutes of freedom.

The petting zoo! This is my favorite part of the Nogeyama zoo.

The children are fascinated with the hamsters.  I'm not so sure the feeling is mutual with the hamsters.

These artificial sunflowers were pumping cooling mist into the air. The little girl was trying to absorb as much as she could to off-set the scorching heat of the day.

Different day, same old river.

Passing by the "Port Opening Memorial Hall" better known as the "Jack".

Also passing by the "Yokohama Customs House" better known as the "Queen".

Catching a cooling sea-breeze on top of Osanbashi pier.

The tug boat was turning in circles.

Being cool, staying in the shade of the old viaduct at Zounohana.

Street photography starts with the street!

Standing on the corner watching the world go by.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world he told himself as he sipped an ice cold highball in the middle of the day.

Premium Tuna tail???

Like I said, everyone has something on their mind.

I love the train. So many interesting people to share the ride with.

What better place to have a little siesta than the air-conditioned train coach.

Poking my head out to see what I can see after a rain squall passes by.

Well, well, well, after the rain the sky cleared and the cloud viewing was magnificent.

The best vistas are seen from the topside of Osanbashi pier.

Cloud watching is free! All one has to do is stop looking at their iPhone for a moment and look up at the sky. It's as simple as that.

Such beauty! This is enough to makes one want to become a member of "The Cloud Appreciation Society". 
What I like about the Sigma Sd Quattro is that it reminds me of a film camera. Not a lot of bells and whistles; a basic camera that lets me make all the decisions. This camera will probably appeal to a niche group (like me) and maybe that's what Sigma had in mind.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

August - Some Like It Hot - Some don't!

There's no beating the heat so I just give in and gear up with my camera and hit the streets.

Actually, I'm starting out the back alleys of the Noge district.

I don't care how much concrete is poured in this town, there is always room for a little dirt for flowers to grow in.

In an entertainment district like Noge the delivery of booze is serious business. Delivery trucks are small enough to fit down the smallest back streets and alleys. Not only do they deliver they also pick up the empties.

Izakaiya worker's aprons washed and drying in the morning sun.

She stands in front of the restaurant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, greets every customer with her exotic smile, never complains... she's the perfect hostesses.

Umeya Chicken - super high quality, buy it raw or already cooked. It's not cheap, it's good!

The guiding hand of a good woman; just what every man needs.

A family picnic under a shade tree - that's how one beats the heat.

The breeze of the sea is another way to make the heat and humidity of August a little more tolerable.

Some people just cave in to the heat and feel miserable.

Office ladies are immune to the heat and humidity, they just mentally block it out and go about their business.

Another guy practicing the art of sitting in one place and watching the world go buy.

One of Yokohama's finest policewomen.

This is just what I need to block the sun's rays from frying my brain. I like the green one.

The wonderful aromas coming out of these restaurants in China Town easily help keep one's mind off the heat of the day.

This steamer has done a lot of steaming in it's lifetime.

I don't care how hot it gets out here! This beats the heck out of  staying home and watching TV.

People watching beats TV watching every time.

Crossing the river to Motomachi.

The lady in red

Backpacking in the back streets.

It's a comfortable place to stroll with a friend.

It's a short walk up a steep hill to get to the Harbor View park.

And, the view from up here is spectacular.

We're all friends here.  Smiles are infectious.

Not only is there a pleasant breeze up here on the bluff, there's also love in the air!

Back down on the ground where the asphalt is hot enough to fry eggs and everyone is sweating. What can we do to cool off?


The simple wind chime. It provides a physiological boost to mentally beating the heat.

Girl power! They don't care how hot or gold it is, they just want to have fun.

I see the Peace Boat is back in port.

A refreshing glass of ice coffee would be good right about now.

While some people are picking up the pace...

...others are just going through the motions.

Some are struggling to just put one foot in front of the other.

As for me, it's time to go underground and have a nice cold beer at the stand bar!

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