Monday, July 21, 2014

Contax G2 & Fujifilm Acros 100

Here I go again. I'm still on that quest to put up some decent black & white images using film as the medium. This time I used my Contax G2 camera with Fuji's Acros 100 ISO film. So, on with the show!

The love of my life enjoying a highball with me in a Takoyaki Highball Stand Bar in downtown Yokohama.

Yes, it's me.

Some typical scenery in the back streets of Noge.

This is an entertainment district that has a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs. It's also known for it's street performers (jugglers, acrobats, dancers, etc...).

Hinodecho-station. Due to the fact that there is off-track horse racing near this station it is quite often flooded with people coming and going to place bets on the horse races.

The people come and go, the trains run on an exact schedule, this is an excellent form of transportation.

Many people go about their business oblivious to those around them. Thankfully they are oblivious to me as I take pictures.

On the opposite side of the tracks three friends chat while waiting for the north bound train.

One of my favorite places, Oosanbashi! The wood deck seems to beg to be a part of the picture. The silhouettes of people strolling about in the harsh sunlight make them appear like pawns in a life size board game.

The Hikawa Maru steam ship. Permanently moored with it's stern facing toward Yamashita Park. To tour this historical beauty of a vessel one only needs 200 yen (about $2.00 U.S.) and a little free time.

After touring the ship one can stroll the promenade like the early foreign visitors did in the 1900's.

One of the many bridges over the Ookagawa river. This one happens to be my favorite.

As I said earlier, Noge is famous for the street performers such as this beautiful samba dancer.

And, this fellow who was juggling flaming torches while riding a tall unicycle.

Viewing a man viewing the tulips in black & white; what was I thinking? However, I like it.

Another photo enthusiast.

Where does Mr. Ed go for a beer?

And now for a few scenes of Kappabashi and Asakusa in Tokyo.

Sky Tree in the background as I approach Kappabashi.

Entering the main shopping district of Kappabashi where people can shop for all things related to cooking and the restaurant industry.

It's a short walk from the shopping district of Kappabashi to the Asakusua area where one can see the sights via a rickshaw.

These guys pull their rickshaw's through the crowded streets with the skill and dexterity of a professional seamstress threading the eye of a needle.
Well, I'm still on that endless quest to get this monochrome film thing mastered. I get the feeling that it's going to be a long journey filled with plenty of disappointment - and that's OK with me.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Hot Summer Day

First last weekend and then this weekend.

Last weekend we went to Yamanashi Prefecture to enjoy the hot springs. It rained most of the time and I only took a few pictures. This is a calm scene of Lake Yamanakako in the morning.

The first hot spring we visited was in the middle of some rice fields.

Here it is, Asahi Onsen.

Front entrance. The nice thing about this place is that the water temperature is lower than than normal which allows a person to soak longer. Also the water is slightly carbonated. This place is in the top 10 of my favorite hot springs.

Afterwards we stopped by a fruit stand. The peaches are in season so we picked up a box of them.

And now, this weekend. Yesterday I went to Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama to buy a new lens for one of my cameras. Unfortunately, the lens is to new and has not been delivered to the store yet. Not wanting to just head back home yet I decided to go for a walk.

A view of the Nissan and Fuji Xerox buildings.

A lot of lines here.

While I love nature I can appreciate modern architecture too.

Inside the Nissan building they had some of their old race cars on display.

As I walked past a wedding ceremony hall a crow perched on the cross.

I couldn't help but feel that this was an ominous sign for the newly wed couple celebrating inside the hall.

Moving on... no bad signs at the Yokohama Museum of Art.

A cooling mist attracts the children.

I paused in the shade of a cherry tree.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Is a picture of a picture worth two thousand words?

I thought he was done but apparently it wasn't quite worth a thousand words yet and he needed to add some more stuff to the picture.

One never knows who they will share a street corner with.

It is so hot out today that this girl is cooling herself with a block of ice,

Others are just doing their best to endure.

And yet others are unaffected by the intense heat and just go smiling about their way.

It seems that today is high school baseball day at Yokohama Stadium.

There are high school baseball teams roaming about everywhere.

High school girls supporting the team.

Stadium staff on the warpath.

Be true to your school.

The buzz cut hair style must be the in thing for baseball players.

Last shot of the day: first responders on their way to help someone who probably succumbed to the heat.

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