Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shaved Ice & Other Delights

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk! That's what it's all about today. Emi and I had a big lunch and we decided that the best thing to do was to walk it off. So, off we go!

No, no bus today, just walk on by.

There are so many things to see when out and about on foot. A stroll through the Yokohama Bashi covered shopping street and there are countless things to see.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are plentiful.

Sweet bean cakes in the shape of a fish - very delicious.

So many fish stores.

Bento box lunches - ready to eat, ready to go!

Emi's on the prowl.

Another fish shop.

This mother was trying to keep her little boy moving forward but all he wanted to do was go back and pet the dog.

Here on the fringes of the Motomachi shopping district is an outstanding pottery shop. They have a great selection and reasonable prices.

They even have a frog on security detail.

The girls directing traffic in Motomachi are an attraction as well.

Lets blow bubbles! If kids playing with bubbles doesn't put a smile on your face - brother you're dead!

I call this - "Dark Haired Beauty by the Sea"

Self Portraiture - it has taken the world by storm.

The Pilot boat swings into action.

She sells shaved Ice and other delights at Aka-Renga-Soko.

What goes up!

Must come down!

And, Dad has recorded it all on his cell phone.

The bungee bouncer attendant keeping an eye on the bouncing baby.

We deiced to go to the Noge Jazz Festival in... Noge of course. But first we needed to stop by this shop that specializes in ink, ink brushes and paper used in the Japanese version of calligraphy; a hobby that Emi has practiced for years. Today she bought a couple of brushes.

3:00 PM and we're just in time for the kick off of the Jazz festival.

This guy is grooving on a 7 string bass guitar.

These guys are good!

She's got the beat!

There's nothing better than an outdoor jazz fest on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

As I look around I notice that my fellow Jazz enthusiasts are not youngsters.

And, as I circle around the street I see that not everyone is even a jazz enthusiast. It's either that or he's saving himself for later when the best bands come out to perform.

Tough crowd.

Plenty of vendors are set up providing drinks and food at reasonable prices.

Back to the band. In particular, back to the drummer!

A casual glance, we make eye contact, man-to-man we know what we're thinking "man! look at that drummer!"

As they close out their set Emi and I return to Yokosuka for a cold one in town before we go home.

What a civilized way to end a great Saturday. Life is good.


All images taken with a Panasonic GX7 camera and these lenses: DG Summilux 25mm f1.4, DG Summilux 15mm f1.7, Vario 45-175mm zoom (camera & lenses are Micro Four/Thirds).

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Parasols In the Sun

Parasol: A light usually small umbrella used especially by women as a sunshade.

Here in Japan we are in the tweens - that is that we are between summer and fall. That time of year when one day will be sunny, hot and humid; whilst the next day may be rainy, cold and windy. It's not a bad time of year, it just gets a little confusing on how to prepare for the day. Anyway, last Saturday was one of those sunny, hot, humid affairs and the parasols were out in abundance.

Sometimes a parasol can enhance a woman's charm and beauty.

Parasol on the move!

The have and have not's of parasols.

Here's a little trick that men pull to get the advantage of a parasol without looking like a sissy.

Parasols passing like two ships at sea.

I know what she's thinking (other than "my husband's lost and we're going to be late for the wedding reception"); she's thinking, "why didn't I bring my parasol with me? This sun is cooking me!"

Well, not everyone needs a parasol. She's thinking "I've got this guy wrapped around my little finger and with some training he'll make a good husband" and he's just thinking, "I'm the luckiest guy on earth".

Some days are better than others.

If you don't have a parasol at least where some sun glasses.

Another case of "this sun is cooking me".

The next best thing - a shade tree.

If you can't hack the heat find a nice bar in a back ally and hang out 'til the sun goes down.

The movers have arrived.

It's time to start working my way home.

Hinodecho crossing and the bicycles are flying.

A loving couple about to board the local train.

Kamiooka train station and this is where I change to an express train for my last leg home.

And here comes the express train now!
All picture were taken with a Panasonic Lumix GX1 and Sigma DN lenses.

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